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Park Manager, Starr Jerome 208-318-4052  wilderpropertymanagement@gmail.com


Buying OR Selling A Mobile Home in the park   ( Versión española por debajo)

1. When you find a buyer for your mobile home before they purchase the home they must be approved to live in the park.

2 They can fill out an online application     ClickHere  $39.95 Credit,background check

3. If they are approved, they must fill out and sign the lease band pay their security deposit $375 for single $ 405 for double.

Print lease & rules-  (Can be found at top of page)   Sign lease & rules

Mail to : Wilder Property Management P.O. Box 171 Wilder. ID 83676

Email: wilderpropertymanagement@gmail.com

How do I change ownership on my manufactured home?

When a manufactured home is sold, many people just sign off on the title, exchange it for money from the buyer and be on their merry way.  This is a dangerous thing to do.  The title is the legal ownership. Even if you sell the mobilehome, you are responsible for the taxes until the title is legally transferred in the Assessor's office. To ensure that you don't get surprised with a tax bill, follow the steps provided below.

Signing a release of liability does not transfer the title and does not release you from your property tax liability.

  1. Obtain an Ad Valorem from the Assessor’s Office.

  2. If the title is changing hands, the current year’s property taxes on the home must be prepaid.  Who pays these taxes is negotiated between the buyer and seller. If adding a name or life estate, without removing the current owner's names, prepaying taxes is not required.

  3. The new owner takes the Treasurer’s prepaid tax receipt to the Department of Motor Vehicles to have the title changed.

  4. If the manufactured home is the primary residence of the buyers, apply for the Homeowners Exemption  with the “Mobile Home” Department of the Assessor’s Office.


For questions or more information about the above procedures, contact the Mobile Home Department of the Assessor’s Office at assessordept@canyonco.org or (208)454-7447.